We’re All Wet In Texas!

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Great wolf lodge is a really fun place to go.  The waterpark is amazing.  I really liked all the waterslides, and the wave pool.  They even have slides that leave the building and go outside like the River Canyon Run and The Howling Tornado.  The Tornado has a really big drop in it that scared me 😳.

The kiddy pool has two little slides that my brothers really liked.  I helped Chase and Caden go down them.  There is also a lazy river that you can get into relax.  Though there are water canons that people can prank you with, so it’s not really that relaxing.

Then there is Fort Mackenzie.  It has a lot of slides and water sprays.  On the top it has a big bucket that dumps a lot of water on you if you get caught underneath it at the wrong time.  It felt like getting hit by a bunch of needles.  Believe it or not, it was fun.

Outside the pool they have a lot of things to do as well.  They have a scavenger hunt called MagiQuest.  It takes you all over the lodge and is really great exercise ❤️.

You can find out all about The Lodge by visiting www.greatwolflodge.com