The Road From ‘Ohana

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From the east coast to the west coast and beyond.  Our family just landed back on the mainland after a week on the island of Maui.  Hawaii was an adventure.  And yes, we were there for ministry.  We met some of the most amazing people and certainly learned a lot.  This week has changed us in a profound way.  That said, we were in Hawaii…it’s hard not to relax while you are there.  It was a refreshing stop on the trail of fire and one that we are very thankful for.

When we landed in Maui, we were greeted with three whole days of rain.  Something  very unusual for the island.  We took it as a sign that God was preparing to rain across the island.  That Sunday there was definitely an outpouring!

We worked this past week with God’s House, which is pastored by Kris and Stacy Miyake.  I first met Kris, many years ago when he was the director of a house of prayer in my home state of SC.  Kris felt the Lord call him back home to Hawaii where he has trusted the Lord to build a church that models true christian community.

They call it the Aloha spirit and we felt it the moment we arrived.  It is a welcoming, loving culture that immediately embraces you as family. We were overwhelmed by it.  This is not something we do well as “American” believers.  We often talk community and stress relationships, yet in reality, we often view relationships as a means to an end.  In other words, we see relationships as the tools from which we build our own vision with.  This western way of viewing relationships has hurt the church and more importantly, hurt people.

In the Hawaiian culture genuine relationship is the foundation of the culture.  It is inseparable from your life.  You are dependent on one another and care for one another as if you are part of the same family.  It’s a very christian idea!  This is the heart of what the Hawaiians call ‘Ohana.   I believe this is one of the most neglected aspects of today’s church.  Kris and I sat down for some Hui Hui Chicken after traveling the epic, “Road To Hana” to talk about ‘Ohana.  I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch this and then let me know your thoughts.

While we were in Hawaii, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore this exotic land.  Truly no place on earth like it.  Maui is home to seven separate climate zones.  Some which can be experienced within minutes of one another.  It is an amazing display of God’s creative hand.

We have now completed one-third of the journey for 2017.  Jenna and I took a moment on this roadcast to discuss what we’ve learned thus far on this mission.  You might be surprised by some of our thoughts… I could drop that here, but you’ll just have to listen!

From here, we are on our way to Oregon and Washington.  This will be quite the contrast from Hawaii.  We look forward to sharing more in the days to come.

Keep traveling my friends!!!



Daniel is a true son of revival who is continuing in the footsteps of his mentor bringing the message of revival and repentance to the nations. He is an international evangelist and best selling author, founder and head of Daniel K Norris Ministries and the ThreeHundred.