Have you heard the news? The Norris Family has moved back to Texas…

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The Healing place is a fantastic church that I believe demonstrates why being intentional with your church culture is so important.  They don’t put something on the wall, unless they see it in the hall.  What does that mean?  Here ya go…

Also, did I mention that the kids got to go to a gator farm.  What trip to Louisiana would be complete without wrestling gators, right?

The trail didn’t end in Shreveport.  I was invited down to be a part of SUM’s Mardi Gras Outreach in New Orleans.  There hundreds of students spent the last few days sharing the gospel on Bourbon Street.  The testimonies were awesome.  Here is two of my favorites.

As you can see, very busy week!  But we were not done.  From New Orleans we cruised up to Alexandria where we were with Dr David Remedios at Trinity Christian Church.  This is the home of the Louisiana Outpouring.   Words can not describe all that took place!  Service started on Wednesday night at 7pm and didn’t wrap up until after 10:30.  This is one hungry and fire-filled house.  Definitely a church in revival!  It’s no wonder they have people driving from eight hours away to attend.

If you listen to the road cast you’ll see that we finish up with an article Jenna wrote about coffee beans and crock pots in the bathroom.  I believe it will certainly bless you!

See you on the trail!



Daniel is a true son of revival who is continuing in the footsteps of his mentor bringing the message of revival and repentance to the nations. He is an international evangelist and best selling author, founder and head of Daniel K Norris Ministries and the ThreeHundred.